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Data Recovery in Nairobi

Data recovery in Nairobi has two main challenges; finding a professional recovery company to actually recover your data and getting one that will offer the service at a reasonable cost.

The few companies that actually do the data recovery service in Nairobi will also end up asking for a huge fee just for checking if they can actually do the job. Thames Computers and Data Recovery has a different approach to this service. Our customers deserve better, this is why we Do Not charge any fee for checking your hard drive if we can recover it for you. We only charge for the drives that we have actually recovered, the ones that we are not successful in recovering, we don’t ask for any payment.

We help customers and businesses across Nairobi recover lost data from all drive types. From hard drives, SSDs drives, mobile phones, RAID arrays, USB memory sticks, SD Cards and more.

Having recovered data from quite a number of our customer with different situations, we have come to understand that when your data is lost, time is of the essence. Our customers need their data fast, that’s why our Gigiri Data Recovery service is fast, effective and affordable.

Over the years we have helped our customers recover data from unfortunate scenarios such as:

  • Hard drive fell and stopped working. Usually this would be followed by a clicking noise when you try to access your hard drive. This can also happen when you drop your laptop.
  • Delete or format your hard drive by mistake or error. We do fully recovery of data on formatted internal and or external hard drives, USB drive, all sorts of flash drives like the ones commonly used in cameras (micro-SD cards) etc.
  • Hard drives not being recognised by the laptop or computer. These are usually due to corrupt file system on the “boot sector”. We also recover these.

Remember, Thames Computers and Data Recovery does NOT charge for checking your hard drive, we are obsessed on delivering a better experience to you by only charging for drives that we have recovered.

To get the hard drive data recovery service in Nairobi, you need to bring your hard drive to our office, details below:

Thames Computers and Data Recovery Limited
1st Floor, 128 Gigiri Box Park, United Nation Avenue, Nairobi, Kenya.

Data Recovery Service in Nairobi - Cost of Service

Below are the prices of our hard drive data recovery service in Nairobi: Please Note: We Do Not charge any fee for checking your hard drive. We only charge for the drives that we have actually recovered.
0 to 100GB (USB/Flash drives/MicroSD) 5,000
101GB to 320GB6,500
321GB to 500GB8,000
502GB to 1TB10,000
1.1TB to 2TB15,000
2.1TB to 4TB25,000

These hard drive data recovery cost in Nairobi are only incurred on successful recoveries. We pride in transparency, ensuring our customers are not introduced to any additional hidden costs.

Feel free to contact us on 0743 443 335 or 0725 916 422 for more information. We are always happy to help.

Note: Privacy is foundational to how we deliver all of our data recovery services at Thames Computers & Data Recovery.

Our highest priority is to keep our customers’ information safe, private and confidential especially on our Data Recovery service.

You can also pre book for the hard drive data recovery service in Nairobi by filing the form below, and we will get back to you with the right advice and a quote.

Thank you.